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K-Brain Project - (open project)

Project aimed at supporting the creation of interdisciplinary workgroups providing motor and cognitive rehabilitation in people suffering from a brain or spinal cord injury when they go back home.

The development of methods, tools for comprehensive cognitive and motor rehabilitation is part of the project.

Watch the video about cognitive rehabilitation ->

Watch the video about spinal cord rehabilitation ->

Read the article ->

Biofeedback Italia - (2009-2014)

Project aimed to promote the knowledge of biofeedback in Italy by creating connections between practitioners, providing high quality training and organizing events. This project resulted in the Educational Portal BFE Italia now managed by the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe (BFE).

BFE Italia Educational Portal ->

Organizational health - (2005-2006)

An educational guide for employers and employees created in partnership with INAIL to be used as educational tool before running an intervention of stress management in the organizations (in italian). 

See the guide "Quando lo stress..." ->