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About Us

Introducing Keiron

Keiron was born with the intention to develop and promote interdisciplinarity in the health system and to study human performance.


In order to achieve this goal, we chose the psychophysiological approach as a model able to integrate different disciplines and techniques.

The use of psychophysiological measures, the careful measurement of the outcomes along with the integration of different forms of bodywork as tool to affect cognitive and emotional states are some features of Keiron's interventions.

Through education, training, pilot projects, case studies, and partnerships with different organizations, Keiron has started its activities in 2004, building a network of professionals, people and organizations working together with the aim of integration.

We believe in the power of teams in order to generate creative solutions, because we are aware that we function as systems in communication with other systems.


Davide Pierini - Psychologist, expert in neuropsychology, senior instructor at Biofeedback Federation of Europe CIC (BFE), Research Assistant at Hybridlab, University of Montreal.

Monica Canducci - Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner, working with people involved in performing arts and with those suffering from musculoskeletal and nervous system injuries. 


Temporary workgroups


In order to run a project we create temporary workgroups and partnership with different people or institutions.